UTAX Technology

Processing of various type of materials such as fabrics, metals, and resins. We are capable of forming any metallic underwire to any kind of shape. Also, we are able to color match any difficult color of semi-finish product/ finished product. Regarding to Nylon-coating, our nylon-coating carries a high performance for parts of intimate apparels, medical products and other coatable products. Added that, we UTAX develops and self-made our own production machinery.


With the no frayed & no curled Clean-cut fabric, we will be able to develop successful 100% seamless apparels. We make NSP (Non Seam Product) for "The First One and the Only One". Our accessories collection allow us to maintain the top market share in the domestic raw material field.

Special Processing

The liquid bonding product characterizes thin, light and no seam. The liquid bonding product will give you pressure free, because of the wearing pressure is even. In additional, this bonding technology on the fabric with the liquid glue gives spread power gradation with a single fabric layer. This technology applies to inner wears and sports wears.

Unique materials

Unique materials we carry unique materials in our collection. One is "shape memory polymer sheet". The shape memory polymer sheet is able to adjust its hardness as you want. On the other hand, we have the impact absorption sheet which is called "9Shuun™/ IR FORM (impact reduction form)". 9Shuun™/IR FORM will reduce the impact more than 50%. Moreover, there are options as a value added functions such as "light resistance" and "Hydrolysis-resistance"

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