UTAX has made its advancement in the Ladies` intimate apparel field today with its unique product development after experiencing & earning years of technical know-hows since the Company was found. We work by emphasizing on our home made production fleet under the policy of "Automated Smart Production System", pursuing for developing highly efficient automated machinery & system where to realizing a very UTAX’s Product Identity possible.

Looking at the changes globally nowadays on market trend, supply-chain & etc., where the speed & ability to cope with these changes other than the ability on product development does matter. At time that it will not be sufficient enough to sustain in the market place only with the self-ability in technical & engineering development, Open-Innovation could be an essence. To combine our Technical Efficiency with the Open-Innovation where to meet the changes quickly & flexibly shall therefore be our new challenge tomorrow.

Humanly & environmentally friendly on what we are producing, From the No.1 domestic Japan market share to one of the global top maker shall be our goal. We shall anticipate the tomorrow’s technological break-thru of UTAX group.


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